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Salty Sardine

Salty Sardine

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You have this vision of how you want your life to turn out..

But what if you don't work on building that life you want?

How is that going to set you and your family back?

How much regret will you carry for the rest of your life?

How miserable will you feel?

That dream was placed in your heart for a purpose.

You are obligated to fulfill it, but it is up to you and you alone.

The alternative?

A mediocre existence.

A life full of regret.

Another spineless and castrated member of society.

"...just trying to get by"

Don't live an average life.

Don't become a Salty Sardine.


5.3 oz 100% premium cotton tee





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Customer Reviews

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Chris Frick
Amazing quality!

Awesome graphic and the comfort is unmatched. Plus the wife likes the new look!