Collection: Rebel Pirate



Modern America is Crumbling.. led by corrupt senile ped0philes. Everything that we have "tolerated" up to this point has become the chains that we are now prisoners to. There's a war going on in this country against your family, your children, your bank account, your body, your voice, your guns, and your religion.  How much worse must it get before enough is enough?

Don't get it twisted, this collection is intended to create unity and a fire inside you to raise the standard as an American. This is not a to stir up a Left/Right Gay/Straight feud.. It's Us vs Them. Them as in:

The elite few that intentionally manipulate the markets in their favor, Wage war to fill their pockets and send the bravest of our communities to an early grave, Removed God from Marriage, Schools, Courthouses, Tax you into poverty, Promote men to be soft and scared little boys, Sexually abuse children/minors and try to normalize this behavior in the elementary school system, Poison our food and bodies then sell you the "cure" to your symptoms, Own the media and fabricate lies to sell you fear and hate for one another, Labels you a domestic terrorist for exercising your 2nd Amendment Rights to protect your family and communities but willingly arm terrorist groups that hate America, Forced you to wear a muzzle and inject you with an ineffective experiment, and fact-checked you into submission.

They are owned by communist nations and they’re forcing it down our throats. It will soon become the harsh reality our children must endure, because we did nothing. None of this is by accident, and will only continue to get worse if we allow it..

How do we change? It starts with YOU. We can’t demand change without first looking ourselves in the mirror and becoming the change we want to see our country. Check out The Krkn Initiative to learn how you too can set the example. 

Rebel - Politically incorrect individual who thinks for themselves, stands up for what is right and exercises the Constitutional Rights that our Country was founded upon.