And why would you create a brand about an octopus? I guess it looks cool but I don't understand.

For the past 10 years I've given everyone a surface level answer to this question regarding my Kraken tattoo. "I think they are badass" when in fact it's much more than that.

The Kraken was potentially the most feared creature on the planet, known for wrecking havoc and causing hysteria to anyone who travelled by sea. However due to its nature of being a deep sea monster and remaining unseen by the world, it's nothing more than a Myth.

Similar to the Kraken we also have undiscovered potential, but we play small to fit in with society. We allow our fears, comforts, and excuses to keep us living a life unfulfilled. We float through life trying not to stand out and in return we have no impact on the world or others around us. Before we know it, we're nothing more than an insignificant tombstone.


What started out as just a tattoo/personal reminder of my mess is now my message to share with you. Through using High-End Fabrics and the Dopest Graphics, I'm on a mission to inspire others to have a proactive approach to their life, their goals, their relationships. A relentless pursuit towards their greatest self, by pushing aside our excuses and fears and hoisting our flag high into uncharted waters. Rock our gear, Spread our message, and be a light for others to do the same!

 Our Family

My name is Justin, I'm 29 and married the woman of my dreams, Shombri. We've been blessed with two little angels!

We are a God loving family who believes in giving more than we ask of others and standing up for what's right. We're on a mission to give hope to those during their darkest of moments, and help encourage them to turn that darkness into light.