Our Story


Krkn is simply an abbreviation for Kraken without the vowels.

While most brands are splashing in the kiddy pool, riding on trends, and lacking any real depth.. We are out here making waves.

We are a clothing brand that represents emerging from the adversity in your life and turning that darkness into light.


It's not necessarily the animal (Kraken/Octopus) that I was intrigued with, it was what the kraken represented..

Something fierce, unstoppable, unmatched.

But because it has never surfaced, its nothing more than a myth.

It lurks in the depths, remaining unseen, anchored in an abyss.

When I observe my life I can't help but think of how much that resonates with me.

I've always known that I'm meant for more. I had all this potential and was wasting it away, and I didn't truly know what I was capable of because I allowed my fears and comforts to keep me stagnant.

Without a purpose and any direction I became a mental shipwreck. Strangled by addiction. Consumed by depression. Fueled with hatred.

Truly, at a rock bottom abyss.

After relentlessly working on personal development and creating productive habits I have emerged from that abyss.

Krkn Apparel - Your Lighthouse

Krkn Apparel's Essential Collection is your "Lighthouse" 

Intended to shine bright for you and those around you. 

To provide guidance and hope for those heading towards disaster but continue to sabotage their lives.

I see you.

How long are you going to keep trying to weather the storm?

Heading towards those same dark waters with no moral compass just like I was.

You might not crash upon the rocks, but the further you drift the harder it is to come back to shore.

Eventually the holes in your boat and the crashing waves will drown your vessel.

A Captain of a sinking ship, on its way to the same abyss that consumed me.

My mess is now my message to share with you.

What started out as just a tattoo/personal reminder of my mess is now my message to share with you.

Through the use of high end fabrics and original hand drawn graphics, I'm on a mission to inspire others to have a proactive approach to their life, their goals, their relationships.

A relentless pursuit towards their greatest self, by pushing aside our excuses and fears and hoisting our flag high into uncharted waters.

Rock our gear, spread our message, and be a light for others to do the same!

 Our Family

We are a God loving family who believes in giving more than we ask of others and standing up for what's right.

Our mission is to give hope to others during their darkest of moments and helping encourage them to turn that darkness into light. 

It's easy to see there's a strong need for leadership, accountability, and virtuousness in our communities from the highest tiers of our government down to the individual American and it has caused heightened distress and the acceptance of mediocrity.

We're committed to raising the standard and reversing the damage this has caused our generation.