Why Krkn? What's the significance of an octopus? It looks cool but I don't get it Justin.


For the past 10 years I've given everyone a surface level answer to this question regarding my Kraken tattoo. "I think they are badass" when in fact it's much more than that.


Some might just think of an umbrella-shaped animal jetting around, squirting ink. I see a creature that resembles me, especially in my darkest of moments. I see a dark and mysterious predator. A Master of disguise, that blends into its environment (society). On the surface looking calm, meanwhile its waging a war within. A war against its inner demons, a war that cannot be seen from the outside world.


For years I self-sabotaged and continually attracted negative circumstances, anxiety, and depression into my life. I still struggle with this occasionally. By becoming a student of personal development and implementing habits in my life from those I look up to has helped me create a better life for myself and those I love. We're on a mission to inspire others to have a proactive approach to their life, their goals, their relationships. A relentless pursuit towards their greatest self, by pushing aside our excuses and fears and hoisting our flag high into uncharted waters. 


My name is Justin, I'm 29 and married the woman of my dreams, Shombri (and to become an attractive mate for someone so far out of my league took some serious work on my part) but with a lot of leverage and persistence she gave me a shot! We've been blessed with two little angels so far, our fierce Makai Rain and we're expecting our next baby in November 2022.


We are a God loving family who supports the American flag, and our policeman. We believe in giving more than we ask of others. We will not pander to your pronouns. If our guns and love for America offends you, that's okay we are not for everyone. FJB.